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Welcome to my blog! This is a place where I write about deep learning and all things computer science!

I appreciate any feedback on how to improve both the blog posts, and the projects themselves, as well as project extensions worth pursuing further.

If you liked a particular analogy and want a more detailed explanation using that analogy, or equally if there is something you think can be improved - comment on the blog post - I will check out your feedback and update the post accordingly!

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I write tutorials distilling the key concepts from the technologies I have used, whether it be through my time at Cambridge University, through various side projects or through internships at companies such as Facebook.

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Coding 2.0: Why bother testing your code?

A beginner's guide to testing and code style across multiple languages - ramping up from toy side projects to industry code.

A beginner's guide to setting up your own Postgres database server with Docker and Flask!

An overview of the core concepts and commands for Docker, Flask and PostgreSQL.

The Ultimate Beginner Git Cheatsheet

A summary of Git and the most useful commands

Backpropagation through, well, anything!

How we can generalise Backprop to any neural network - see how TensorFlow and Keras compute their partial derivatives! We'll use the LSTM cell as an example

Recurrent Neural Networks

Neural networks optimised for NLP and sequences - the RNN, GRU and LSTM networks

Backpropagation in a Convolutional Neural Network

How CNNs learn

Convolutional Neural Networks

Neural networks optimised for Computer Vision

Debugging the Learning Curve

Training, validation and test error - is our model really learning or is it just memorising?

Optimising Learning

How we can make gradient descent even better.


The magic sauce behind neural networks - how they learn!

FeedForward Neural Networks

Designing our first neural network!

Learning Through Gradient Descent

Diving into how machine learning algorithms "learn"

Linear and Logistic Regression

We get our hands dirty with our first machine learning algorithms!

What is a neural network?

There are a lot of different neural networks out there. We start the series by breaking down commonly used terminology.

Demystifying Deep Learning Primer

Motivation for the series - why bother with the maths behind deep learning?