About Me

Mukul Rathi

Hey there! Welcome to my personal website! A bit about me - I'm a second year Computer Science student at the University of Cambridge with an interest in all things deep learning!

This website is here to showcase some of the side projects I've been working on, as well as being a project in itself - I'm using this website to teach myself web development (in particular this website uses React, GatsbyJS and GraphQL).

In my free time at Cambridge, I am a core member of the Hackers at Cambridge committee - I am the Workshop Overseer and Events Overseer. As Workshop Overseer, I organise and coordinate student-run workshops on different areas of computer science, some of which I present myself. As Events Overseer, I am responsible for leading the organisation of the weekly HaC nights, as well as the hackathons held at the end of each term.

Hackers at Cambridge



Led the publicity, updated the GreenHack website with project ideas and part of judging panel on the day.

Cambridge Game Gig 2018

Lead Organiser of GameGig: responsibilities including liasing with sponsors, booking venue and running and judging event on day


Intro to Neural Networks

An Introduction to Neural Networks and how they learn.

Convolutional Neural Networks

Deep learning for Computer Vision